Hi friend! My name is Jessica. I'm a Utah lifestyle family photographer. I LOVE being out in nature, playing percussion, and eating doughnuts (my guilty pleasure). You can frequently find me goofing off with my husband, playing with my 9 month old son, singing in the car/shower, or playing board games.

My journey as a lifestyle photographer started when I got my engagement session done. Nearly all the photos we got were posed. There wasn't a single picture that really SHOWED how much I loved my husband, it was all just 'look here and smile'. A similar thing happened with our wedding photos. I knew there had to be a better way. Shortly after we got married, I looked into photography and found that there were ways to pull out real emotions and show true happiness and love through photographs. That's when it clicked and I decided to become a lifestyle family photographer.

Though life isn't perfect, it's full of beautiful moments. I consider it a privilege to document these moments for others and show them the perfection and beauty I see in their imperfect moments.

I specialize in bright, candid shots preferably in the outdoors. I make sure to grab a safe, formal shot, then let you be yourself and make the magic happen! If this is your style, I guarantee you will love your photos!

Everyone has a story worth telling. I firmly believe that it's important to document and remember those stories because they make up who we are and what we've accomplished.

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