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Hey there! I'm honored you're considering me as your newborn or family photographer. My love for photography began back in elementary school. From endless disposable cameras to finally receiving my first digital camera from my parents, I took it everywhere! Much of my free time was dedicated to capturing fun, spontaneous photos of my friends.

As the years went on, these haphazard-spontaneous pictures started becoming some of my and my friends most precious memories. Up to this point, all the professional pictures I'd received were very staged and posed. I decided to become a professional photographer and utilize my desire for genuine photographs and combine it with professional skills to create true art out of family photos. The kind of art that not only looks beautiful but makes you feel something.

Today, I get to navigate life with Spencer, my high school sweetheart, and sweet little toddler named Silas. We love music, board games, and going off on outdoor adventures! I love capturing the precious moments our family has and hope I can do the same for your family as well.

About Jessica

Utah County Lifestyle Photographer

My husband and I are committed to exploring all the national parks - we’ve already checked off Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Haleakala (in Maui), Zion, Bryce Canyon, Glacier, Acadia, Hawai'i Volcanos (Big Island) from our list. The outdoors are my happy place, being in nature rejuvenates my soul. I see the beauty of the outdoors with different eyes since becoming a photographer.

Bucket List: Visit all the national parks


I took piano lessons for 8 years and started percussion in jr. high. I played percussion all the way through college. Being in band & marching band completely pivoted and shaped my life all through school. It's where I met my best friends and, of course, my husband. We have an electric drumset now and my little toddler LOVES playing it and does surprisingly well haha.

Band and Music have shaped my whole life

I enjoy games in all varieties. Whether it's board games or video games, I’m up for the challenge. There’s hardly a game I won’t play. I often choose involved board games like Wingspan, Scythe, Ark Nova, Terraforming Mars. I also enjoy video games like Super Smash Brothers, Mario Party, and Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

I'm a board game enthusiast

This involves a lot of different subjects, but my favorites are food/nutrition and financial literacy. I taught high school for a year, and then junior high for two years before becoming a mom. I LOVE talking about healthy eating and personal finances!

Family and Consumer Science Education Teacher

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